GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner

The worlds first high-definition CT the GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner offers improved image with less radiation dose per scan, providing doctors with superior tools for advanced diagnosis and treatment:

  • HD-quality resolution means greater diagnostic confidence and better patient care
  • Thirty-three percent boost in clarityLower dose
  • of radiation for patients of all ages
  • Up to 83 percent less exposure for cardiac scans
  • Up to 50 percent less for the rest of the body
  • The Discovery CT750 HD allows doctors to:
  • See small vessels f rom head to toe – as thin as a human hair
  • Minimize image distortion
  • Accurately analyze masses and lesions regardless of their location
  • Features 230-micron spatial resolution, up to 50% lower dose, and improved image quality.
  • Up to 40% improvement in low-contrast detectability. Gemstone Spectral (dual energy) imaging, volume helical shuttle, and coverage up to 312 mm.

APPLICATIONS: Brain, Cardiovascular Imaging, Fetal Imaging, Hepatic Imaging

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