GE Brightspeed Elite CT Scanner

GE Brightspeed Elite CT Scanner
The GE BrightSpeed Elite Select 16 Slice CT offers multi-detector capabilities with Lightspeed VCT technology and an ultra compact design.

The Performix Tube gives you high power, exceptional beam quality and patient throughput all enhanced by SmartTube technology that increases the life and reliability of the tube.

The GE BrightSpeed Elite Select 16 slice CT features up to 0.35mm isotropic at an optimized dose. Exceptional High resolution is made capable by the HiLight matrix detector and GE’s Volara digital DAS. The Volaara digital DAS enhances processing power while reducing electronic noise from 30 to 40%.

APPLICATIONS: 16-slice, Angiography, Dental, Kidney Analysis, Lung analysis, Perfusion, Radiotherapy

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